CNet Training

Educon is offering Data Centre & Network Infrastructure Education from CNet Training in Sweden. Programs are offered online, in the classroom, academy and in-house.

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Educon provides the best consultants within cloud-computing,  machine learning and intelligent automation.

Our consultants can take on assignments to transform business, streamline IT-systems and manage your projects.

We help you develop and realize your products and provide efficient processes to eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy.


Software Developers

Educon has a network of highly qualified software developers and specialists in open-source based product development, cloud development, AI, Big data, and deep learning.

We take your development projects to the next level.


Breaking new ground
in a fast-moving environment

We are a team of Business analyzers, Developers and Hardware specialists with focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), and deep learning solutions based on a modular cloud infrastructure.

Our products provide standardized processes that integrate large quantities of transactional data allowing to monitor, control, manage and optimize processes, ensuring revenue assurance and risk management in real time.

Our Mission
Create products for advanced analytics to transform ways of working trough digital technology. Removal of monotonous, inefficient and hazardous work tasks by offering intelligent support in a wide range of fields; from Health, Finance, Mission Critical environment, to Communication and Transport industry.

CNet Training

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